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AI Driven Data
Analytics Platform

SpAC9 is an AI-driven glycopeptides analytics platform providing high
accuracy and up to 100 times faster search speed than traditional solutions.

  • One-Stop
    Glycoprotein Analysis
    Identification and quantification of O- and N-linked glycopeptides along with an automated analysis dramatically simplified analysis processes and reduced time.
  • AI Driven Comprehensive
    Data Management
    AI predictive modeling enables a data-dependent acquisition (DDA) analysis as well as data-independent acquisition (DIA) analysis, which has been a great challenge due to complex data structures.
  • Biological Functional Analysis
    with Integrated Visualization
    GO, KEGG, Pfam, Reactome, Interpro, Phosida and STRING are results of functional analysis of protein and glycoprotein, and SpAC9’s user-centric Graphic User Interface (GUI) presents intuitive and ease-of-use visualization reports of the results.
  • Massive
    Data Analysis
    HPC Cloud, GPU, or Cluster infra allows up-to 100 times faster search than a traditional CPU based search.
  • Biomarker
    Discovery Solution
    SpAC9 rapidly discover disease-related glycoprotein biomarkers which enable healthcare experts to perform a precise diagnosis.
  • Complex Project
    SpAC9 enables an efficient management of projects and their datasets for individuals and group collaborations.


Glycoprotein, found in various biological samples, can be rapidly analyzed with high accuracy using a mass spectrometry. Also, highly complex data sets generated by the mass spectrometry are processed by CellKey’s most advanced Glycopeptides Analytics (SpAC9 GA edition) solution providing the most reliable results in desired forms.

Mass Spectrometry

CellKey provides a wide variety of protein, glycoprotein, and specialty analysis services leveraging advanced techniques offered by world-class researchers, latest mass spectrometry, and best-in-class analytical platform.

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